About WineMemoir


Hi there! I’m Xingyu, thanks for dropping by my blog, where I share the things I’m most passionate about – wines!

I’ve always loved wine (or alcohol in general…!) but seriously got into it from 2015, when I decided to pursue WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) to get better educated on the thing I like the most. As I started to taste more, it becomes more and more difficult to remember each one of them: how they tasted like; what I liked/disliked about them; did they have potential to become better (and I’ll be honest, I have a short memory!), so I started to write notes, just the very basic things such as aromas, acidity, body, and finish. And as I buy more wines I have a lot of beautiful empty bottles, but unfortunately I don’t live in a royal palace so can’t keep them all! Just throwing them away is a crime to me so I decided to take advantage of my photographer boyfriend (now husband) Kai to take photos of them before trashing! That’s when I had the idea of combining them together – let the photo tell the story of the wine, and share my experience of it in a synesthetic way.

If you hate the tedious and vapid scores and notes of wines – you are not alone! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the quality of a wine is objective, and we definitely need a reference and the basic tasting notes to get an idea of the wines we are about to try, but that’s the critics’ job. I am a very visual person and I like to write my notes in a more artistic way. A photo tasting note is much more powerful and makes it easier to remember the wines we had, and for others to get a better understanding on the wines they are about to try.

For example, this 2002 Puligny - Montrachet swirls with attractively youthful citrus tones (in the photo: green apple, lemon, lime) on the nose and a creaminess (olive oil) on the palate, with wave after wave of mineral aromas (PEBBLES) continuing through. This photo tasting note gives the audience a brief ILLUSTRATION of how the wine smells and tastes like.

I started my account “Winememoir” on Instagram in September 2017, and quickly gained 20k followers in just 5 months. I cannot tell you how grateful and accomplished I felt when people told me that I helped them setting up the right expectations, especially from those who don’t know much about wines (yet!). I am an explorer myself and love traveling around the world to try different types of wines, from classic Napa Valley and Burgundy, to rising stars like Argentina and China, and I’m thrilled to share my experience with you all!

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